The First Biomolecular Frequency Quantum Technology Cosmetics With Vibration & Vibration Frequencies.

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When we were kids, we all believed in miracles!

Why did we stop this?

About the Products

After 20 years of intensive research, a internationally renowned medical scientist & visionary has finally succeeded in creating a completely new cosmetic line. The creations provides many positive results on hundreds of thousands of people in many ways on their well-being, joy of life, health, beauty and consciousness.

All products come with highly vibrating frequencies. From pure primordial cell information, information from over 300 medicinal plants, healing crystals, minerals and colloidal precious metals are extracted through a complex process and stored in the carrier of water. As these are not stored in material form, but as light particles (biophotons) which vibrate at a certain frequency.

The wide variety of substances comes over vibration to our cells with valuable energies, which leads to balanced body harmonie, supports self healing process and stopped aging processes. It’s remembers our body on the healthy blueprint. Increase with the High Vibrational Frequencys your own vibration and balance all your energy fields in your whole body.

My experiences with Lavylites ...

My experiences with Lavylites are all more than positiv. For the reason, there is also this page to inform all interested parties here in more details.

Personally, I have not used cold or sore throat since using Lavylites (Nov. 2017). My face has less wrinkles, my decayed toothbrush is growing again, the tartar is also history and I just feel good about it. All thanks Auricum and Lavyl 32 Oh yes headaches, rapid wound healing and concentration are also effects that I have realized with Lavylites.

I wish you a lot of positive experiences - Just let it spray!


How do products from Lavylites work?

As a 100% natural organic cosmetics, all ingredients come from nature. There no animal ingredients are included, it's a VEGANE cosmetics also.

With the Lavylites CREATION of SPRAY and other products, it has been possible to capture more than 3,000 pieces of natural ingredients from more than 250 natural substances (precious stones, minerals, Schuessler salts, medicinal plants, colloidal metals), the vibrations of biophotogens. In seconds, the vibrations reach the DNA in the nucleus and positively influence cell regeneration. Have a pleasant and supportive effect on well-being, beauty, vitality, zest for life and health.

This unique procedure allows our cells to accelerate the healing process.

With the ingredients, the cells get extra energy and immediately begin self-healing and immune boosting.

This process is safe (even for pregnant women, children, the elderly, animals and even plants).

Healing reactions (condition worsening in the beginning) are the first sign of a response of the body and the effort made at the beginning of the healing process.

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