Facts About Experience

Basic Facts About The Creations 

✔ all products come with a completely new technology called Vibration Cosmetic

✔ Increase your body energy balances for body, mind & soul

✔high concentrate vibrational frequencys reach in 8-30 seconds your cells

✔ the ingredients are from medicinal plants, minerals healing crystals & colloidal metals

✔ the unique combination create a synergy of more than 3000 effects unfold 

✔ more than 20 years of research lead to the amazing products

✔ over 5-year product tests with European doctors, hospitals and alternative practitioners

✔ 15 years unchanged recipe of the basic products

✔ UAE: Products are registered in Dubai laboratories under Dubai Municipality

✔ Products available in whole Europe and more areas will follow soon

✔ European approval as natural cosmetics

✔ All products are VEGAN, NATURAL & HALAL

✔ suitable for every day situation and using

✔ cannot be overdosed, since the body takes itself as much he need

The absolutely unique Spray

Vibration Cosmetic For Body-Mind-Soul





All here listed positive experiences are observed by the product user.

How To Use Body Spray

  1. Shake the bottle
  2. Spray with 30cm distance to your body
  3. Stand still after you spray 30 sec. to make sure all frequency information can reach your cells
  4. First puff always vertebra (Atlas)
  5. Spray 3-5 puff along your spine column (on the coccyx), take care that the sprayed areas are not immediately covered with the clothes, otherwise the clothes will absorb the liquid. Leave the sprayed area to soak in for 2-3 minutes
  6. Spray 1-2 puff over your head
  7. Spray 1-2 puff to your chakras
  8. Spray the painful area afterwards (e.g. left knee)
  9. Spray in the morning after shower & evening before you go to bed

Body Spray 

Complex cosmetic care product with medicinal plants. Refreshing, Invigorating & regenerating effects, especially on cells, skin and organs. Use it as a "First aid Spray".

Positive experiences were observed:
✔ Tension
✔ Muscle, joint and back pain
✔ Migraine
✔ Inflammations
✔ Vertebrae, knees and shoulder pain
✔ Bleedings
✔ Rheumatism, arthrosis, osteoporosis
✔ Sports accidents, regeneration

How To Use The Mouth Spray 


  1. Shake the bottle
  2. Teethridge: Spray 2-3 puff in your mouth
  3. Teeth cleaning: Spray 2-3 puff on the toothbrush and brush your teeth and tongue.
  4. After rinse your mouth and spray again 2-3 puff in your mouth. Or you can 2-3 puff in water and flush your mouth and during teeth with the cocktail 2 minutes long.
  5. Infant teething: 1 puff brings pain relief and a quiet night.

Mouth Spray 

Complex oral spray with medicinal plants for refreshing oral care

The mouth as a door to the body (optimal oral care), strengthen and activate the oral flora (immune system)

Positive experiences were observed:
✔ Toothache
✔ Teething in children
✔ Good for brushing
✔ Inflammations in the oral cavity
✔ Bleeding gums, bleeding in the mouth (after surgery)
✔ Gingivitis, tooth sensitivity, cold sores
✔ Tongue plaque, tatar, sore throat, cough
✔ Teeth become healthier, stronger root of the tooth and brighter

How To Use The Hair Shampoo


  1. Use it at least once or twice a week

  2. Take a walnut-sized amount evenly on the wet hair and scalp

  3. Massage it in the Hair

  4. Leave it there for 3-5 minutes

  5. wash it out with plenty of water

  6. repeat washing again and rinse with plenty water

  7. available as Detox Hair Shampoo also

Hair Shampoo

Complex shampoo with medicinal plants for hair and scalp care.

Positive experiences were observed:
✔ Hair lose
✔ Hair basic problems
✔ Colored Hair
✔ Thin Haire
✔ More Hair volume
✔ Nature Hair color coming back
✔ Less Hair care
✔ Regrowing Hair (Man)

How To Use The Cleaning Gel


  1. Use it for shower, face cleaning, shaving

  2. Put it on your wet skin

  3. available as Detox Clean also

Body Shower Cleaning Gel

Complex shower gel with medicinal plants for skin care.

Positive experiences were observed:
✔ Body cleaning
✔ Make-up remover
✔ Shaving lotion
✔ Body care
✔ Skin regeneration
✔ Soft skin
✔ Face cleaning
✔ Cleans your face deeper

How To Use The Body Lotion


  1. Use it after shower with Clean Gel

  2. Put it on your try skin

  3. Massage it in

  4. available as Detox Body Lotion also

Body Lotion

Complex cosmetic care with medicinal plants for body skin care

Positive experiences were observed:
✔ Skin irritations
✔ Psoriasis
✔ Try skin
✔ Akne / Cicatrice
✔ Neurodermatitis
✔ Reumatism
✔ Arthrosis
✔ Cleans your face deeper

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