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J.S. Hamilton tested Body Spray

First they tested:

  • to prove there doesn't contain allergens.
  • to review the concurred of human skin tolerates.
  • ingredients check for using long and multiple times.


Test Group:

20 lady's in age 35-60, over 6 weeks, 2-3 times a day.

After the test period all Ladies agreed about, that the Body Spray:

– moisturises the skin;
– reduces skin redness;
– increases skin tone and suppleness, and;
– reduces wrinkle length and depth.


All our results are... ALL POSITIVE! Even when instead of the subjective opinions of our test subject we look at the percentages, millimetres and other figures within the instrument test results.

The tests showed significant improvement in these for areas after both 4 and 6 weeks of usage, in both age groups. The product make skin rejuvenation and regeneration a proven and achievable reality – for everybody!

So React The Blood

The effect of the vibratory essences on our blood can be visible with the dark field microscopy. A drop of blood is removed from the finger before the application of the Body Spray. After 3 minutes the Atlas vertebra is sprayed a drop of blood is removed from the finger again.

With out Body spray

Red blood cells (erythrocytes) strong compressed, no movement (= poor blood circulation), too little symprotit (tiny point), important for immune defence.

With Body Spray

Red blood cells are isolated and flowing (= good blood circulation), ichly available symprotit (= good immune activity). Blood therefore looks healthy.

Brain Activitiy

The following pictures show how the measurement of the brain and the spectrum of brain activity changes positively after only 30 minutes of spraying. 

(Woman, approx. 30 years old, without findings)

Aura Portrait

The Aura screening showed how the Body Spray influenced the energy field of your body.

(Man 60 years old, overload syndrome)

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